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Bringing Medical Cannabis to the UK


CanMart is a UK wide supplier of Cannabis based Medicine.


Our Services

Med Can Supply

We offer an independent supply chain solution into the UK for registered global Cannabis companies looking to enter the European market.  

Bulk Imports

The UK Government has changed the law on importing Cannabis-based medicinal products. We can now  import based on patient needs. Come and talk to us.


CanMart can store and distribute Pharmaceutical drugs alongside Cannabis prescriptions. This ability allows us to be flexible to your needs.

Cannabis Education

CanMart knows the key to the wider acceptance of  Medicinal Cannabis is Education. Many Countries have had access for Years. We work to share their knowledge.

Independent Medical Cannabis Importers suppling Medical Cannabis providers

CanMart are committed to finding the best Medical Cannabis products from around the globe. Contact us to find out more

Our Mission

To provide the best globally available Medical Cannabis products to the UK

Our Licenses

We hold the following licences issued by the UK Goverment

Home Office License to Import
Cannabis Based Medical Products

Home Office Licences

UK WDA(H) 50996

MHRA License


We work with international & UK producers, suppliers of Medical Cannabis. Importing and distributing products to pharmacies.

Medical Prescription

Our Commitment

  • To provide a range of the best possible cannabis based medicinal products sourced from around the world.
  • Dedicated to providing medical professionals open access to the best global range of CBMP’s.
  • To offer a range of CBMP’s that offer long term affordability to patients.
  • Support clinicians in delivering a premium service to cannabis patients 

Cannabis Tricomes

Tricomes are the powerhouse of a Cannabis plant. They are mushroom shaped structures found all over the buds and sugar leaves of a female plant. Tricomes produce cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes to act as the defence mechanism against attacks. These Tricomes are the very essence of medical Cannabis.

Cannabis Tricomes

Cannabinoids recognised by UK


of compounds found are Flavonoids

main terpenes found in Cannabis